It started in Seattle.I was hired in 1967 by David Jackson Gressel who was the leader of Siddhartha.I replaced their drummer.  It wasn’t long after that that Dave and I started recording his and my original music. 

  I’ve played in so many Groups and done a lot of solo work over the last fifty years. I have enjoyed Producing some very talented artists. 

It seems that I was always on the road in the States and Canada.

Yes the years do fly by!

  My group and I have been honored to have shared the stage with some great Rock and Blues Artists throughout the years. 

  We went wherever our agent told us to go. A Rockin’ Blues Band screaming down the highway in a old Bus or van. 

Fifty some years later and  I still enjoy writing and performing.

ain't gonna take it

Other side of the Hill

Ring Ring Ring


Roc & Roll Surgery

Dixie Roc

In your Neighborhood


On the Edge